How to play FPS games

Shooting games are lots of fun, and people that play the games love shooting. Developers and publishers hire expensive experts who can pick up on these trends and then they tell their bosses that they should make more games with shooting in it and then clock off for eleven months vacation after a job well done. Call of Duty, Battlefield and Point Blank are the most popular of the FPS (Fire People Seriously) genre and have a combined total sales of a whopping 536 copies sold – and that’s just in Europe.

But what we’ve noticed is that that a lot of people who play FPS games don’t actually know how to play them properly. Instead of killing all the the people and things, they don’t kill all the people and things and this means the game never ends and they’re trapped in a perpetual loop of never killing all the people and things forever. If tip helplines weren’t abolished by the callous government then this torture might have been prevented with a quick three-hour call to a premium rate phone line.


It’s tragic, and we won’t just sit back and allow it to happen. It just so happens that we’re experts in the FPS field and we’re answering the call to help people get through their shooting game with our important advice and guidance.

Warning: What you are about to see is both mind-blowing and seriously helpful, and once you know the tricks of the trade you’ll finish all your FPS games really easily. So easy that you might finish it in 20 minutes and feel like you wasted your money. Regardless, please don’t ask us for a refund, because we haven’t got any money. You won’t be able to put the genie back in the bottle after the following help, so be careful.

The screenshot used is from EA’s upcoming celebration of a lovely World War, Battlefield 1. However, the fundamentals can be applied to any other shooting game including Medal of Honor, Halo and the NX exclusive reboot of Mad Dog McRee.

Please use responsibly…

Click to enlarge and see all the secrets


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