While playing Inside I took over 200 screenshots. Here are my 20 favourites

So I finally got a chance to play Inside, which I’d been eagerly waiting to do since it was first announced at E3 2014. I completed it in one late-night sitting and was blown away. It’s one of the most perfect games I’ve ever played.

I couldn’t really stop myself taking lots and lots of screenshots. By the end of my second play-through I had over 200. Here are my 20 favourites. Hope you like them.

Chicks and pigs

No idea why the cute little chicks are attracted to the boy. Or why, under the light, there’s a big pile of pig carcasses. But it’s a nice contrast of life and death, so hey ho.

New day

The natural light gives this scene a warmth that is mostly absent from the game.  I like the way the sun is touching the top of the telegraph poles.

Little and large

Small person in a cavernous space. Even if you haven’t played Inside, you can probably guess the big object the boy is looking at will very soon come crashing down, through the planks on the floor to reveal the way forward.

Buzz kill

The boy can die in some pretty grim ways. Failure to sneak past this menacing cycloptic death machine results in one of them. So sneak good.

Shaft punk

The use of light and shadow is absolutely amazing throughout. Beautifully understated.

Break on through

Truth be told, I don’t think this is a very good screenshot. However, this moment took my breath away, so I can’t not include it.

Outside inside

It was so intriguing and mysterious, I really wanted there to be more of this indoor forest area to explore. I’m a big fan of trees.

A cute angle

I’m sure Inside’s camera tilts as a way of guiding the player in the right direction, as though it’s trying to roll you towards the objective. Which, in this case, is a big red button.

Boy meets girl

I sat like this for quite some time, slowly edging closer to the mysterious figure in the water. A genuine moment of shared wonder between player and character. Pure magic.

Have a seat

Similar to the previous shot, but I think this one captures a little better how perfectly floaty the mysterious figure moves in the water, especially the hair. Also, the suspended office chair brings an added surreal quality to the whole thing.

Bright light

As I said, this encounter made quite an impression on me. I like this shot because the girl is covering her eyes to protect them from the submersible’s beam. She’s not keen on light. This information comes in handy.

Cool, running

Not many of the shots I took actually show the boy in motion – he’s usually standing still while looking at something. So I like this one purely because it’s captured him looking more dynamic.

Dragging rights

When the boy is dragging this dead weight, it just looks right – his body shape (and that of the dead weight) is exactly how you’d imagine it should be. Absolutely spot-on animation craft.

Afraid of what?

I had about a million (at least 10) shots of the boy looking at something through a door or window, illuminated by light from an unseen source. Not sure what it is about this particular one that made me choose it for this list. Possibly the body language of the boy’s stance, which is a picture of trepidation.

Water baby

Who is she and why is she here? I have absolutely no idea, and I like it that way. When done well, and with a little applied imagination, less story can mean more story.

See world

Surreal and dream-like. This shot is pure night cheese. I love how, just like the cute little chicks, the fish are attracted to the boy. Again, this is not explained, and so might not even be important, but I thought this was suggesting the boy possesses some kind of special, invisible quality.


The upside down indeed. I have no idea what someone who hasn’t played Inside would even begin to think is going on here.

Looking out

Think I recall seeing pretty much this exact image as an official screenshot or piece of promotional art. Understandable – it looks great.

What is it?

Again, remember seeing this as part of the promotional material, in the trailer I think. Such a teasing image – the intrigue and wanting to find out what all those office workers, along with the boy, are looking at is irresistible.

Secret place

This is an area you can only access if you have found all the secrets. It appears to be occupied by a spacecraft. Is the boy going to go inside?

And that’s that. I have some other cool shots, but they’re a bit too spoilery. I know the game’s been out a while, but I enjoyed not knowing what happened at the end, so would hate to ruin it for anyone.


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