Rewind: Big ball of fun


No guns. No princess to rescue. No overblown bullshit story. Katamari Damacy delivers the fun in bundles and if you haven’t played it before then you really should. Here’s a reminder of what it looks like in action…

As I mentioned in Episode 017: Das Meiklehammer, Katamari Damacy was my gateway title into the wonderful world of Japanese games. Until 2004 I’d mostly played mainstream titles so there’s no way I would’ve touched this if I hadn’t joined PSM3 (néé PSM2) in 2004. I’m glad I did.

While most games these days are aiming for hyper-realism with gritty reboots and whatnot, Katamari Damacy is the complete opposite. It’s like a fevered dream of colours and shapes that’s soundtracked by one of the most catchy set of tunes ever committed to videogames.

I’ll always remember lunch time PES was replaced – for a short while, at least – by this our magazine team grabbed the controller for another blast at completing tricky stages together. It was, and still is great fun. If you’ve never played it, try to do so immediately. But if you want a watered-down, sort of crappy version of Katamari in your browser then give this link a click.


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