Crane and able


We talked about a lot of things on this week’s podcast Episode 013: Kojima’s Rainbow. I’ve already forgotten most of it, but I definitely know we talked about the olde days Ghostbusters game for some reason or another and that reminded me I had watched an olde days video of David Crane being interviewed about the C64 version of Ghostbusters. For anyone that’s interested, here is the video I was going on about.

I particularly like how over-the-fucking-moon Crane looks with himself when the game says ‘Ghostbusters’. I can remember being impressed when games started talking. Now I sometimes wish games would do less talking. Ico has hardly any talking and it’s the best game ever made. I rest my case. GHOSTBUSTERS!


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  1. bertyduk says:

    Used to be great when the old Speccy games had a really muffled speech sample in there. Felt revolutionary at the time but more like Tom Hardy’s Bane in reality.


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